Call for Papers: 2nd PORTMEETING

CIUHCT invites paper proposals for the Second International Workshop On the Origin and Evolution of Portolan Charts, to be held on June 7-8, 2018, at the Instituto Hidrográfico, Lisbon, Portugal.

The event will be integrated within the activities of the European Research Council Project MEDEA-CHART, hosted by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. Registration is free but you need to fill in the form to secure your place. More information and updates about the programme and the scientific committee will the announced at the website.

Instructions for submission

  • All submissions should be made via email to by December 31th, 2017, with the email subject ‘Portolan Chart Meeting Lisbon 2018’.
  • Submissions should include an abstract (up to 300 words) and a short curriculum vitae (up to 150 words) highlighting previous work on the meeting themes. The two texts are to be sent in a single Microsoft Word file.
  • The themes of the proposals must comply with the workshop’s objectives. Please check below for a list of suggested topics.
  • The working language of the meeting is English, including all texts and public presentations.
  • Proposals will be assessed by a scientific committee and results will be notified to the authors throughout January 2018.

Suggested topics

  • The origin problem: when, where, how and why were the earliest portolan charts constructed?
  • How did the portolan charts evolve over time?
  • How were the medieval portolan charts used in navigation?
  • The mutual influence between the medieval portolan charts and the traditional maps of European and non-European origin.
  • The role of multidisciplinary approaches to the research on portolan charts: cartometric methods of analysis, numerical modelling, multispectral analysis, analysis of inks, radiocarbon dating, etc.
  • Any other subject related to the study of the medieval portolan charts.

Organizing Commitee

Joaquim Alves Gaspar
Tony Campbell
Ana Nunes

PDF version

Click to download (490kb)